A Touch Of The Blues…

Two brand new releases will be out later today… as part of the My 60L Secret Sale too! You can grab two new releases for only 60L each from Thursday night through Tuesday morning! Yay!

Cambrie is a rigged mesh boho maxi skirt paired with a system layer, color-block shirt and un-rigged necklace and bracelets to match. First two releases are Blue and Maroon.

For the shirt, you get appliers for the Lola Tango Mesh Breast and SLINK Physique Body. For Slink, I’ve given you two HUDs for the shirt… Underwear and Clothing. It’s your choice how you wish to layer it. For example, if you wanted to wear it with some pants you have and want it tucked in, you could wear the upper part of the top as clothing and the lower part of the top as underwear.

The skirt works with the SLINK Physique even though it’s not fitted mesh. You just need to apply some alphas on your SLINK Hud. I found that I could leave the calf area showing so I could wear my feet as well.




Absolutely Fabulous…


Today, Retail Therapy is officially open! I have 4 brand new and exclusive during the event items available for you. All 4 are marked 50% off regular retail price and only available at Retail Therapy for September. You can’t get it at the Flagship Store (and you can’t use your store credit… sorry). Price is $L125 during the event.

Tara comes with a (layer clothing) body suit, rigged mesh pencil skirt, mesh ruffle shrug and peep-toe pumps for the SLINK “high” feet.

As a bonus, I’ve included appliers for dot manicure and pedicure, and body suit appliers for Lola Tangos, Phat/Cute Azz and SLINK Physique mesh body.

However, please note that the skirt does not fit with the Phat Azz and may not fit with your Physique since it’s higher in the front than the back and is not fit mesh.

Four choices in all:








This week is my Real Life Birthday… and you are getting the gifts :) 45% Off everything in the store from September 1st through the 8th.  Even clearance items are set at 45% off normal retail prices. It’s time to shop! During the sale, you can use and receive credit.


This month, I’m offering group members $L199 in VIP Credit. Touch the sign that looks like a gift card and automatically receive credit added to your account (you won’t receive a gift card… the credit is deposited in your account). And yes, that means you can get free credit and use it towards the sale going on this week.


Fly Away

Hey everyone!

This coming weekend, I’m participating in My 60L Secret Sale… and thought I’d bring you some outfits to get you ready for autumn…

jazzitude_Elsa_Galaxy PIC

jazzitude_Marianne_ Maroon


Snapshot_002Jazzitude is proud to announce a new satellite location at Zuri/Jewels Isle. SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jewels%20Isle/106/18/24

In celebration, I have a brand new release exclusively at that location. It’s also at a Grand Opening special price of $L100. Regular Retail Price will be $L249.

“Carrie’s Serenity” is a rigged mesh gown that can be worn with or without the flexi prim skirt. It also includes system layer white gloves (left modify so you can tint them), sculpted poof sleeves and a bow for the back. All of these are optional because the dress is beautiful in it’s simplicity too.

The first release is in blue… and my favorite shade of blue. It’s a formal gown but built with summer events in mind! It is a color blocked gown with white upper and a black & white ribbon polka dot under the bust.

This is named after a dear friend of ours who passed away last year… she owned the shop “Serenity in the Sun”.


There is also a sim-wide cart sale happening! I have another exclusive for the cart sale… two more releases of the Barbara Mesh Bikini. You can only get these colors at the Jewel Isle location and for only $L99 for the rest of the month of August!

These two color combinations for the cart sale are called “Nautical”  (red with white and some navy blue) and “Strawberry Daiquiri” (pretty bright pink with white and a hint of lime green).


jazzitdueBarbaraBikini_Strawberry Daiquiri_PIC

I love it when you smile…

Hey Everybody…

I created two new Barbara Bikini sets and am releasing them later today as part of the My 60L Secret Sale! You can get two more bikinis like the jazzitude and teleport hub group gifts in different colors. As with most of the texture huds for the same item, you can mix and match your huds. These two are also similar colors in the patterns so you could mix and match both of them as well for endless possibilities!

First up is “Bright White”… White with different textures (including a Macaron one!):



Second is “Summer Blue” same teal that is used in the white patterns… and has a Rubber Ducky one! I love that one personally :)


Can I stay with you a while

Hey Everyone!

Retail Therapy! for August opens today and I have 4 brand new releases for the event!

Tammie is a Short Baby Doll Dress and it comes with Shorty Shorts. Each Set comes with a Texture HUD that has 4 dress textures and 4 shorts textures plus a bonus black latex shorts.

During the month of August, you can ONLY get it at Retail Therapy, and you can get it for only $L100.

Retail Therapy August 2014 Event Poster

The four sets are (from left to right in the above photo):

1) Country Floral (all-over floral with solid color shorts):




2) Black Eyelet & Polka Dots (Eyelet on the bottom/Dots on the top with polka dot shorts):


3) Plumeria Floral (all-over tropical floral with solid shorts):


4) Black Eyelet & Floral (Eyelet on the bottom/Floral on the top with floral shorts)


While I paired this with short shorts, I think this could be used in the fall and winter with leggings and boots and look super cute too!

This will be in the stores after August, but at it’s regular retail price of $L199, so grab it now for only $L100 at Retail Therapy! You can find lots of great shopping from other stores as well.