Things can only get better…

Today at Noon SLT (3PM Eastern/8PM British), jazzitude will be having a Customer Appreciation Party. I will be your DJ and there’s a dance and party area set up in the parking lot.

I want to say thank you to all of you… the best, nicest, most inspiring, most supportive customers on the Grid! We are approaching 1,500 Members now and I want you to have a special gift for today only… $L 199 VIP Store Credit. This will be available only until I wake up on Sunday morning and change the parking lot back to non-party craziness!

Look for this sign:


Make sure  you have on your jazzitude group tag and touch it to get your store credit… good for anything in the store.

If you don’t know how to use store credit to make purchases, visit here:

See you soon!

Raise Your Glass…

Hey Everyone!

Saturday, July 19th at Noon SLT (3PM Eastern/8PM British), I will be throwing you all a customer appreciation party!

It will be held in the parking lot of jazzitude, so think Block Party/Summer BBQ… but with yours truly as your DJ!

I will have out a VIP Credit Vendor where every member of jazzitude update group can receive free store credit. My little thank you for standing by me and supporting me over the last 2.5 years…. and after the little mishap with the vendors I had :)

July2014Party_noLMtextHope to see you there!

Banana Pancakes…

Hey Everyone!

I updated one of the gachas… something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.

I love comfy clothes, lazy days, chilling with friends, internet memes, humor and I love text design (working with text and the look of it). So, now, you’ll find 10 new (a couple of designs are old, but revamped) oversized crop sweatshirts in the gachas! Some are original designs, some are used from the internet, and some are a mix of both. All fun expressions and with fun colors! They are transferable, so if you get one you already have or don’t want, you can share with friends! $L30 per play. One of them is a rare (15% chance)… and that is an original design by me (originally for a friend of mine):


Here’s a better look at them all:

jazzitude BritishAccent jazzitude CommonSense jazzitude DontWannaTaco jazzitude GoT jazzitude Karma jazzitude LetsTaco jazzitude Love Sucks jazzitude Rare_ClassyasF jazzitude Spread Nutella jazzitude Unicorn

I love making these designs and like to change them often… often without notice!

Speaking of Gacha’s, I was accepted to a new gacha event starting in August… I have a couple of ideas, not sure what I’ll do yet. Check out their facebook page: Gimme Gimme Gacha Event


Hey Everybody!

I have 4 brand new releases in the store today… yes, I’ve been busy! I had a bunch of ideas in my head and they are finally finished… well, I still have more, so, no worries ;)

All new releases are 50% off introductory special for 1 week only… $L100. Available in both the flagship store and on the Marketplace.

First up… Brandi in Newsprint. Similar to the group gift, with the same color red on the straps, but in Black, White and Grey. The Huds work together, so you don’t need to change your clothes, just the HUD:



Next is Penelope in “Flutters” and “Rockabilly”

jazzitude_Penelope_Flutters_PIC   Snapshot_005 Snapshot_007

jazzitude_Penelope_Rockabilly_PIC Snapshot_001 Snapshot_014

Tiffany, is a mesh mini-dress on a texture HUD with 8 options. I’ve released 2 of them before in Hunts and Group gifts, but never for sale… and now you get 6 more! (NOTE: The gifts didn’t have the script in it)

jazzitude_TiffanyDress_PIC Snapshot_003 Snapshot_004 Snapshot_006 Snapshot_008 Snapshot_010_JPG

No Strings

Hey Everybody!

Retail Therapy! is about to start on July 5th (and runs through the end of the month). I have 4 popular items out there for 50% off. You’ll find a sign over the item in the flagship store (in case you forget) that will give you a LM to the event… I really hate seeing anyone miss out on a sale!

Just like last month, there are TONS of fabulous stores there with sales galore… you REALLY don’t want to miss it :)

Here are the 4 items you can grab from Jazzitude for 50% off retail prices… only at Retail Therapy…





Indoor Fireworks

Hey everybody!

There are three items in the store right now for only $L4 in celebration of the 4th of July!  If you require Lola Appliers for these (or any other system layer clothes — I haven’t figured out how to make them for mesh just yet), let me know.



_jazzitude_ StarsandStripes Tanks


I also have two items at $L60 each for this weekend as part of the My 60L Secret Sale:



Hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th of July (those who celebrate).

This is one of my absolute favorite songs ever… even though it’s a bit sad:


Hey Everyone!

New group gift is out in the store for July just in time for the 4th of July and all your summer adventures!

Brandi is a Top & Skirt set on a texture HUD. This pattern set is “Nautical”. It is color-coordinated: Navy, Red and White… and all pieces have the same red strap to make your mixing-and-matching easy.



This weekend, I am participating once again in My 60L Secret Sale and Retail Therapy opens once more… I’ll have 5 items there at 50% off retail prices!