Ready, Aim, Fire


Only a few days left to get anything you want at jazzitude at 50% off. I love having sales, but, this is the biggest percentage off I have ever had! I don’t know when/if I’ll do this again. I had a bit of a rough time the last couple of weeks (or longer), and thought I was going to close it all down, that’s what prompted the sale. However, I decided that I really need this creative outlet… there is no way I can give it up! But, you get to enjoy the benefits of my wishy-washiness until August 1st. LOL

Also, on August 1st, you’ll find a new group gift. I don’t have a sneak preview yet though, but trust me, it’s ready to go. So, while you can, pick up the Maya in red:


Once you grab this free group gift (I also made the group free to join), you can pick up some of these add-on tops since the skirt is on a HUD.





I’m a serious Game of Thrones fan, and am going through withdrawal. Anyone else? I made myself and friends some Game of Thrones Tshirts that you may (or may not) see in the store soon… but for now, enjoy this cool song and Game of Thrones themed video by one of my favorite bands:


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