Short Skirts

Brand new in the store right now… Mesh Denim Mini Skirts. In 12 colors and patterns. These mini skirts come in 6 different sizes, and I’ve made you 2 different alphas… hopefully, they will fit your body perfectly!

Blue Jean:

jazzitude Blue Jean Denim Skirt

Brown-Rinsed:jazzitude Brown-Rinsed Denim SkirtBubblegum (Pink):

jazzitude Bubblegum Denim Skirt Dalmatian:jazzitude Blue Jean DalmationSkirt

Dark Denim:jazzitude Dark Denim SkirtDaydreaming (Print):jazzitude Daydreaming Denim Skirt

Lipstick Red:

jazzitude Lipstick Red Denim Skirt

Slate:jazzitude Slate Denim Skirt

Turquoise:jazzitude Turquoise Denim Skirt

Union Jack:


Well-Loved (Faded with grunge and doodles — front and back)jazzitude Well-Loved Denim SkirtWhite Denim:jazzitude White Denim Skirt

The regular price for these skirts is $L99 each, but, with the 50% off sale happening, you can pick each one of these up for only $L50! Remember, you can still use your jazzitude store credit, as well as earn it during the sale.

They can be found in the store next to the jeans, before you enter the party area. While your there, why not play a little Pentadee in the hot tub 😉


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