Pretty in Pink

Happy August!

New group gift is out now. “Chyna” in Bubblegum (Pink). It includes the mesh denim mini skirt in a gradient pink and white color. The top and the skirt are both 100% rigged mesh, so that means you need to find the size that fits you and/or adjust your shape to fit. The top comes in 5 sizes and the skirt comes in 6 sizes. I’ve also made 2 alphas for the mini skirts (one is slightly shorter than the other).

As a bonus, I’ve included jazzitude sculpty sneakers in a matching pink gingham print and a pair of tintable panties 🙂


Close up of the skirt and top:


You must be a member of jazzitude update group to get the free gift. Membership is still free, with the group chat off. If you all want the group chat back, let me know, and I can put it on (with a membership fee again… to prevent spammers).

If you like the skirt, it’s the same skirt (in a different color) as the mesh denim mini skirts I just released the other day. You can see them all here:

Hope you all are enjoying your summer!


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