Life Sounds Like

Newness in the store right now… 8 different color jean shorts. These are not mesh, but classic system layer clothes which is easy to wear… no alphas, no fuss, one-size-fits-all system layer clothes! I’m a late adopter to mesh myself, so some days, I just like the easy dressing option of not dealing with mesh.

Each pair of shorts comes with a tintable thong layer, though you can’t see it with the shorts on at all, and costs $L59. Orrrrrrrrrrrrrr you can get a bitchin’ bundle of all the colors for $L410 (get one pair free basically).

jazzitudeJeanShorts_Black jazzitudeJeanShorts_BlueJean jazzitudeJeanShorts_Boysenberry jazzitudeJeanShorts_Chocolate jazzitudeJeanShorts_DarkDenim jazzitudeJeanShorts_Emerald jazzitudeJeanShorts_Pink jazzitudeJeanShorts_Red

Here’s a picture of the back as modeled by yours truly in chocolate. I’ve paired it with one of the jazzitude Katya Tank Tops and Lauren Shrug in Chocolate (the tattoo is from Letis, Hair is from Magika):



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