Bright Lights

Hey everyone!

A new gatcha machine can be found on the second floor… along with sweatshirts and sneakers, you can now pick up what I am calling a “glasses wardrobe”. Coordinating colors of Sun and Eyeglasses for $L25 per play. There are 12 colors in all (including a tortoise shell) and they are transferable (no copy); this means if you get the same color twice, you can share with friends!

:jazzitude: Gatcha: Glasses: Sun & Eye


While you are in the store, make sure you pick up the group gift because I think hell froze over today… I got September’s group gift done already *gasp*!  It won’t be out in the store until September 1st, but here’s a little sneak peek of “Siobhan”

Sneak Preview of Siobhan

The necklace and boots are included, but the sunglasses are the tortoise shell ones in the gatcha and the cuff bracelet is my own from Alchemy Immortalis… the John Jacob line. Have you ever been there? One of my favorite jewelry shops! Check it out. The hair is… you guessed it, from Magika. That henna tattoo is old… LOL… it’s from “On a Lark”, not sure they still carry it though.

Remember you won’t be able to get this until September 1st as a jazzitude group member. More colors will follow.

For now, make sure to get in, get your August group gift and hit the gatcha’s for some cute sunglasses and eyeglasses!



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