Wild Honey

Hey Everyone!

4 New Releases are out in the store now. “Jaden” features high-waist, full-rigged mesh shorts. It is paired with matching non-rigged ankle boots (the boots and shorts are the same color) and then a contrasting peasant shirt. The peasant shirt is finished with sculpty sleeves and lace on the bottom so you can wear it with other things (you just don’t see the lace with the high-waist shorts).





… and, a close up of the peasant shirt and bonus (tintable) panties:Jaden Peasant Shirt & UndiesYah, that’s me in my undies… in my skybox that is like a beach now (grotto from Tiki Tattoo)

This outfit is named after an old character I used to RP in an online game a few years ago. She was a judge; and as a judge, her life was in danger. So she would often wear a mask that changed her nick-name to “Wild Honey”… which also happens to be my favorite nick-name because a good friend thought it suited me perfectly. I used to use it as a DJ too because I loved it and my friend Cherri also thought it suited me perfectly. I got the nick-name from a U2 song, I adore the lyrics:


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