Welcome Siobhan

New Release Today… Siobhan (my favorite girls name). It comes in 3 colors for sale, BUT, one color is your new group gift for September. Totally free so long as you are in the jazzitude update group and have your “I’ve got jazzitude” tag active when you click the sign.

Siobhan is a sporty outfit with shorts, a crochet bolero and tank top (together and separate on a jacket layer), lace socks (with sculpty ties in the back), studded ankle boots (non-rigged mesh) and a leather necklace with different charms on it (the charm is also non-rigged mesh). It includes some bonus, coordinating panties that you don’t see in the pictures. Consider it a surprise! They are cute though 🙂

Bonus points if you can name the songs I chose to describe the color combinations… lol


jazzitude_Siobhan_ Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes

jazzitude_Siobhan_ Oliver'sArmy



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