To live, and not to breathe, is to die in tragedy

4 New Releases are out in the store now.

Billie features Rigged Mesh Leather Pants with a color panel on the thigh and a Rigged Mesh Military-Style Jacket with a shirt bottom, that matches the color panel on the pants, attached. You also get studded, non-rigged, laced-up, ankle boots. It’s very cool and edgy. There are 4 color combinations.  The pants and jacket come in 5 different sizes, please try a demo first. The boots, since they are non-rigged, can be sized to fit you. The boots are the color of the shirt with black strips and studs on the strips and heals.

jazzitude_Billie_ Black&Red

jazzitude_Billie_ Black&Olive

jazzitude_Billie_ Black&Purple

jazzitude_Billie_ Black&Grey

And yes, Billie, comes from a play on Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. Did you know I was a Green Day fan? 😉


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