Brave new hope…

Hi everyone,

I have to admit something to all of you… I’m not perfect! hahaha… Well, I had a frustrating, and emotional, day or two in Second Life and decided I wanted to get rid of jazzitude or maybe change it up at the very least. Well, without any sort of game plan, I did, in fact take up the in-world store in a fit of tears and frustration yesterday.

As I said, I’m not perfect, I’m overly emotional and irrational at times. Our lives though, is a constant journey discovering who we are and how to live it the best way possible. What happened to me is extremely personal, and not one of my proudest moments, and even sharing with all of you, is embarrassing.

However, after having slept on it (and slept some more), I have decided to give jazzitude a more modern and sleek look… maybe not have such monster-sized displays too. What is wrong with my scale, huh? Those signs were HUGE! I want to bring everything updated. I might not carry as much inventory in the store either, just keep it more current and fresh, keep things rotating…. and open the hang out/club in the sky. My friends club in world is no longer, and we used to have parties for our friends… and I used to have parties for my customers, so, I think, why not combine our efforts?

Anyhow, for now,  you can still find my items on the marketplace until I get the inworld store back up and running.

Here’s a sneak peek at October’s group gift:



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