Hey Everyone!

Some new releases in store for you now! Daphne started out as an outfit and after changing my mind many times, I turned it into separates. You can buy all 3 and make a complete Daphne outfit, or just buy what you like.

It also marks my first try at a Texture HUD! I really like the texture HUD, so I see more of this in the future 🙂

First up is Daphne Harem Pants with a color HUD. They are white satin texture that with the color HUD you can make into any color of the rainbow:

Daphne_HaremPants(I am wearing the mesh feet from Gaeline in this picture)

Then, there’s a belt sash to top off the pants. The sash is also mesh and the sizes correspond to the sizes of the harem pants, but has a texture HUD. The Texture HUD has 10 different textures:



Next is a Chain Halter Top. This is also on a texture HUD with the same textures to match the belt. The chain, depending on the color of the shirt texture, is either gold or silver (or a blue silver for the light blue texture). You get 10 shirts with one purchase:

Daphne_MeshTop(Hair is from Magika)

I love all the ethnic textures I used and the style of this outfit together, I hope you do too.


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