Ice Skates are back + Sneak Peek at Black Friday Sales

Hi everyone!

Ice skates are back in the store. These are a seasonal item and are out now through… I am not sure when. They come with a color HUD to change the color of the ties and boot (the legwarmer material stays the same). There are 3 Nordic Prints and 3 Argyle Prints. Christmas skates will be out in December.







3 of them will be on a $60L special this weekend though!

Speaking of sales, this Friday, I will be participating in Black Friday Sales. Personally, I hate the Real World Black Friday with a passion and boycott it… but, for Second Life, I think it’s perfectly fine… no one getting trampled on after all and it’s a very good excuse to bring you these 3 deals for only L$29!




Hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving for those of you celebrating! Stay tuned for December group gift (I’ll be bringing back a special-to-my-heart, but retired item) along with a new Midnight Mania!


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