Hi everyone!

This weekend, we have sales galore… Here’s the rundown:

Today is “Black Friday” in Second Life (as well as Real Life, but let’s not go there with all the craziness, trampling, fake deals, shall we?). I have 3 official items out for L$29… I say official because there are also 3 hidden items. How are they hidden? Well in plain sight! They are in their normal spot in the store, BUT, when you go to pay for them, you will see that they are only L$29. Here’s your hint: They are black. They are not in the 99L and under section either; they are normally full-priced items.

Here are the 3 items available in the front of the store and advertised here: http://www.my60lsecret.blogspot.com/ and here: http://www.teleporthub.com/promotion/black-friday-sale-deals-2013/




The other 3? Well just look around 🙂

My 60L Secret…

3 of the leg-warmer ice skates are 60L until Tuesday morning when I wake up :




You can find these also right in the front of the store.

On Saturday, 11/30, I will be celebrating my second annual “Small Business Saturday” sale. Small businesses in our community need our support, and I like this idea far better than Black Friday myself.

To help promote this event in the real world, I’m offering you a 25% discount on EVERYTHING… yes, everything, even marked-down items. The Black Friday specials will be no longer, but the skates on the 60L promo will remain 60L. You can pick up everything in the store for 25% off PLUS you can use and earn store credit. 10% for group members with their tag active, 5% for everyone else.



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