Only Love

February is here, and that means a new group gift and Valentines Day is coming up!

First up, group gift time.

“Love Knot” is a camisk with Shibari rope ties. If you’re not familiar with Gorean RP, a camisk is a very short, sexy chemise or lingerie. In this set, you get 3 options: 1) The camisk with the rope ties all together 2) the camisk alone and the rope ties alone. You also get a bonus tintable thong.

I’ve included for you Appliers for the Lola Tangos as well as Mani & Pedi appliers for SLINK hands and feet. This is my first SLINK appliers. The nail matches the heart design on the camisk and you get three different colored tips: Magenta, Red and Black.jazzitude_LoveKnot_HEARTS_PIC

Please note that I’ve boxed the appliers separately… so you can keep yourself organized (and I could keep myself from getting confused! LOL)

Also in the store, but only until February 14, you will find a few Valentines Day items out, including a limited-edition version of the very popular outfit “Elsa”:jazzitude_Elsa_Valentine


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