Hanky Panky

New release is in the store now… Gina is a Topless (yes, I said topless!) sleeveless black cat suit with silver metal fixtures (including keys) and color panels inset.

You get a texture HUD to change the color parts. 8 choices in all.

You also get pasties (nipple covers) in system layer clothes as well as an Applier for the Lola Tango Mesh Breasts. The cat suit works well with or without the Tangos.

This cat suit requires the SLINK Avatar Enhancement Feet in “High”. It is rigged mesh and comes in 5 sizes. There is a free demo for you to try. If the top part of the alpha doesn’t work for you, I’ve included the full perm texture to make adjustments, but you can also try changing the gravity and cleavage of your breasts.

For one week only (through May 26) you can get this for 50% off regular price. Regular price will be $L199, but for one-week, you can get it for only $L100


Here are some more pictures of the color choices:

Gina B&W Snapshot_002 Snapshot_004 Snapshot_006 Snapshot_008 Snapshot_010 Snapshot_012 Snapshot_013

Also available are appliers for Slink Toenails and Fingernails to coordinate with the cat suit. 8 Colors each. You can also pick this up for one week at a 50% off introductory special. Normal price will be $L49, but sale price is only $L25


I think the cat suit would also work very well with a system layer bra or even a shirt (like the ones in the Jaden outfits) if you want to be a bit more covered.



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