Hey Everybody!

I have 4 brand new releases in the store today… yes, I’ve been busy! I had a bunch of ideas in my head and they are finally finished… well, I still have more, so, no worries 😉

All new releases are 50% off introductory special for 1 week only… $L100. Available in both the flagship store and on the Marketplace.

First up… Brandi in Newsprint. Similar to the group gift, with the same color red on the straps, but in Black, White and Grey. The Huds work together, so you don’t need to change your clothes, just the HUD:



Next is Penelope in “Flutters” and “Rockabilly”

jazzitude_Penelope_Flutters_PIC   Snapshot_005 Snapshot_007

jazzitude_Penelope_Rockabilly_PIC Snapshot_001 Snapshot_014

Tiffany, is a mesh mini-dress on a texture HUD with 8 options. I’ve released 2 of them before in Hunts and Group gifts, but never for sale… and now you get 6 more! (NOTE: The gifts didn’t have the script in it)

jazzitude_TiffanyDress_PIC Snapshot_003 Snapshot_004 Snapshot_006 Snapshot_008 Snapshot_010_JPG


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