Banana Pancakes…

Hey Everyone!

I updated one of the gachas… something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.

I love comfy clothes, lazy days, chilling with friends, internet memes, humor and I love text design (working with text and the look of it). So, now, you’ll find 10 new (a couple of designs are old, but revamped) oversized crop sweatshirts in the gachas! Some are original designs, some are used from the internet, and some are a mix of both. All fun expressions and with fun colors! They are transferable, so if you get one you already have or don’t want, you can share with friends! $L30 per play. One of them is a rare (15% chance)… and that is an original design by me (originally for a friend of mine):


Here’s a better look at them all:

jazzitude BritishAccent jazzitude CommonSense jazzitude DontWannaTaco jazzitude GoT jazzitude Karma jazzitude LetsTaco jazzitude Love Sucks jazzitude Rare_ClassyasF jazzitude Spread Nutella jazzitude Unicorn

I love making these designs and like to change them often… often without notice!

Speaking of Gacha’s, I was accepted to a new gacha event starting in August… I have a couple of ideas, not sure what I’ll do yet. Check out their facebook page: Gimme Gimme Gacha Event


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