Programs and Policies



More information can be found at the in-world store. SLurl:

In-World Store Programs:

  • Shoppers Reward Program:
    For each purchase, you receive credit in your account. Everyone gets 5%… but, if you wear your jazzitude group tag, you will get 10%. Your credit is saved on the server, and you can find your balance on the “Store Credit” button at the terminal. To redeem, it works like the gift cards… choose the item you wish to buy, select “MENU” and then “CREDIT”.
  • Group Gift Program:
    Join jazzitude update group and get a free item. Changes usually every month.
  • Freebies 4 Newbies (F4N):
    New Avatars (under 30 days old) can receive a free outfit through this program.
  • Midnight Mania:
    Target is 25. I try to force it. Prizes change whenever I think of it 😉 Group is NOT required.
  • Lucky Boards:
    2 boards in the store; timer is set to 5 minutes each. Group is NOT required.


  • Minimum Photoshop techniques used for product shots. WindLight used is: Nam’s Optimal Skin and Prim (on Firestorm). I want you to feel confident the color you see is what you are getting.
  • Please contact Yazmine Tsarchon for all customer service (IMs usually — not always, it’s quirky! — go offline to email, and there’s a mailbox for your notecards in front of the store)
  • For accidental double purchases, please send your transaction history too.
  • A redelivery terminal is at the flagship store, for inworld and copy item (no transfer) purchases only.
  • Most everything in the store is Copy/No Transfer. If it is transferable, it will state on the item. Most system layer clothes and mesh items are no modify. If it says “tintable” then the tintable part will be modify. System layer pants are usually also left modify to change fit and flare.
  • Gift Cards are sold near the flagship store landing point in various denominations… including custom!
  • If you’d like to send one of our products as a gift, simply right click the vendor of the item you’d like to gift and choose “Menu” then “Buy as Gift” option. Next you will be asked to type the name of the recipient into local chat, when you’ve done that, you pay the vendor and then the gift will be delivered.
  • No refunds other than on double purchases. Please make sure  you are happy before your purchase.
  • If you are not happy, I will do my best to make it right for you though!

How to use your store credit/redeem gift cards in pictures!






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