Sweet, Sweet Connie

hey everyone!

November group gift is out now. It took me a while to do, I was sorting out some things with appliers, trying to keep myself organized while not have a mental breakdown!

Anyhow, this is kind of a new spin on the old “Shila” with the jazzitude jeans paired with a sexy top… both of them system layer. It comes with unrigged ankle boots, belt and bracelets.

I made as many branded appliers as I could (Lola Tango, PhatAzz, Banned Booty, Belleza, Slink Physique, Lena), and I also made the Omega appliers… which are great, because as a designer, I can make one applier and you as the consumer can get the corresponding Omega Script for your part. However, I made as many branded appliers I had available to me to save you if you don’t have the Omega scripts.

NOTE: If you wear your Belleza Venus Body with the “pushed” version, please apply BOTH the “pushed” and the “normal” appliers.

Of course, they are also system layer, so can be worn without any mesh body parts. I love how the jeans look applied on mesh body parts though, it was like seeing them for the first time in Second Life because the textures are really so sharp. They seem a bit glitchy with some bodies, but not others, so, I’m not sure if my settings are wrong… your results may vary though 🙂


Group membership required… which is FREE.

Also, as a side note, I’ve updated the two Wendy outfits that are on sale this weekend to now include Belleza and Lena appliers.  The other two will be updated soon.


Special Pets…

This weekend is the My 60L Secret Sale again. I have created two Special Bundles this time. Each set is valued at $L237, but for this weekend, you can buy this special bundle of separates for only 60L… Thank you to my friend and customer, Whispa, for giving me the idea!

Bundle #1: Union Jack Mesh Mini Skirt paired with Katya Tanks 2-pack in UK (the shirt you see, plus a union jack print, and Lauren Shrug in White:


Bundle #2: Dalmation Mesh Denim Mini Skirt, Common Sense Tanks (the one you see and black stripe) and a shrug in black:Bundle2Pic

Don’t forget about Retail Therapy also opening tomorrow… you can get a few other things on sale plus the 2 exclusive items.

Lost in London

Sales for this weekend at jazzitude:

Steals & Deals: (More info here: http://www.stealsanddealssale.blogspot.com/)

Sale price: $L49


Sale price $L99

jazzitude_Elsa_Red PIC


My $L60 Secret: (More info here http://www.my60lsecret.blogspot.com/)

$L60 Each



You can pick these sales up through Tuesday at jazzitude since I will be out of town… no, not in London (unfortunately). Have a great weekend and happy shopping everyone!

10 More Minutes

This weekend, jazzitude is participating in two sales events. One of the items, for “My 60L Secret” you can read about here:https://jazzitudeiwontbelabeled.wordpress.com/2013/08/07/chasing-the-sun/

The other sales event is Super Sales Weekend. Their official website is here: http://supersalesweekendsl.blogspot.com/

Maya Add-on in Lime, you can pick up for $L69 this weekend:


Or, you can pick up the mesh mini skirt in white denim for $L49

jazzitude White Denim Skirt

Don’t forget to check out the sales websites (you can also find the links here under “Cool Second Life Blogs” on the side).

Life Sounds Like

Newness in the store right now… 8 different color jean shorts. These are not mesh, but classic system layer clothes which is easy to wear… no alphas, no fuss, one-size-fits-all system layer clothes! I’m a late adopter to mesh myself, so some days, I just like the easy dressing option of not dealing with mesh.

Each pair of shorts comes with a tintable thong layer, though you can’t see it with the shorts on at all, and costs $L59. Orrrrrrrrrrrrrr you can get a bitchin’ bundle of all the colors for $L410 (get one pair free basically).

jazzitudeJeanShorts_Black jazzitudeJeanShorts_BlueJean jazzitudeJeanShorts_Boysenberry jazzitudeJeanShorts_Chocolate jazzitudeJeanShorts_DarkDenim jazzitudeJeanShorts_Emerald jazzitudeJeanShorts_Pink jazzitudeJeanShorts_Red

Here’s a picture of the back as modeled by yours truly in chocolate. I’ve paired it with one of the jazzitude Katya Tank Tops and Lauren Shrug in Chocolate (the tattoo is from Letis, Hair is from Magika):


Pretty in Pink

Happy August!

New group gift is out now. “Chyna” in Bubblegum (Pink). It includes the mesh denim mini skirt in a gradient pink and white color. The top and the skirt are both 100% rigged mesh, so that means you need to find the size that fits you and/or adjust your shape to fit. The top comes in 5 sizes and the skirt comes in 6 sizes. I’ve also made 2 alphas for the mini skirts (one is slightly shorter than the other).

As a bonus, I’ve included jazzitude sculpty sneakers in a matching pink gingham print and a pair of tintable panties 🙂


Close up of the skirt and top:


You must be a member of jazzitude update group to get the free gift. Membership is still free, with the group chat off. If you all want the group chat back, let me know, and I can put it on (with a membership fee again… to prevent spammers).

If you like the skirt, it’s the same skirt (in a different color) as the mesh denim mini skirts I just released the other day. You can see them all here:


Hope you all are enjoying your summer!

Short Skirts

Brand new in the store right now… Mesh Denim Mini Skirts. In 12 colors and patterns. These mini skirts come in 6 different sizes, and I’ve made you 2 different alphas… hopefully, they will fit your body perfectly!

Blue Jean:

jazzitude Blue Jean Denim Skirt

Brown-Rinsed:jazzitude Brown-Rinsed Denim SkirtBubblegum (Pink):

jazzitude Bubblegum Denim Skirt Dalmatian:jazzitude Blue Jean DalmationSkirt

Dark Denim:jazzitude Dark Denim SkirtDaydreaming (Print):jazzitude Daydreaming Denim Skirt

Lipstick Red:

jazzitude Lipstick Red Denim Skirt

Slate:jazzitude Slate Denim Skirt

Turquoise:jazzitude Turquoise Denim Skirt

Union Jack:


Well-Loved (Faded with grunge and doodles — front and back)jazzitude Well-Loved Denim SkirtWhite Denim:jazzitude White Denim Skirt

The regular price for these skirts is $L99 each, but, with the 50% off sale happening, you can pick each one of these up for only $L50! Remember, you can still use your jazzitude store credit, as well as earn it during the sale.

They can be found in the store next to the jeans, before you enter the party area. While your there, why not play a little Pentadee in the hot tub 😉