Fire and Ice

Retail Therapy opens today and I have 4 brand new items for you… at 50% off!

For the month of December, you can only get these items at the Retail Therapy location… (SLURL: )which is a new build and has lots of room for more designers and more sales! Yay! You need to go check it out.

Anyhow, for me, the gown I have there for you is called “Krystal”. I made it with the whole winter Sparkle, Shine, Dance, and Twirl season (aka, holidays and New Years Eve… even Valentines Day) coming up.

There are 4 color choices: Blue, Champagne, Pink, and Teal… it’s a long gown with the jewel middle piece for your chest and a beautiful snow flake layered cape. The cape reminds me of a Fairy Tale! It is a statement piece and makes it quite dramatic, so you can wear it with or without the cape.





Find this sign in front of jazzitude flagship store to grab a landmark to the event:RetailTherapyAd_NOLMTEXT

And a look at the booth at the retail therapy location:Snapshot_024



Snapshot_002Jazzitude is proud to announce a new satellite location at Zuri/Jewels Isle. SLurl:

In celebration, I have a brand new release exclusively at that location. It’s also at a Grand Opening special price of $L100. Regular Retail Price will be $L249.

“Carrie’s Serenity” is a rigged mesh gown that can be worn with or without the flexi prim skirt. It also includes system layer white gloves (left modify so you can tint them), sculpted poof sleeves and a bow for the back. All of these are optional because the dress is beautiful in it’s simplicity too.

The first release is in blue… and my favorite shade of blue. It’s a formal gown but built with summer events in mind! It is a color blocked gown with white upper and a black & white ribbon polka dot under the bust.

This is named after a dear friend of ours who passed away last year… she owned the shop “Serenity in the Sun”.


There is also a sim-wide cart sale happening! I have another exclusive for the cart sale… two more releases of the Barbara Mesh Bikini. You can only get these colors at the Jewel Isle location and for only $L99 for the rest of the month of August!

These two color combinations for the cart sale are called “Nautical”  (red with white and some navy blue) and “Strawberry Daiquiri” (pretty bright pink with white and a hint of lime green).


jazzitdueBarbaraBikini_Strawberry Daiquiri_PIC

Two Is Better Than One

Hi Everyone!

New release time!

Bella Gown is out in the store now in 4 different color combinations. 3 of them for sure would fit the bill as a wedding gown (well, depending on your wedding, all 4 could)…

But what’s even better is, you have a HUD to take it from a wedding gown to a formal gown! You can get more wear out of your wedding gown. On top of that… all 4 HUDs work on all 4 color combinations. I am not very good at math, but I’d say that would make you oodles of gowns! ha! Like the corset and bow on the blush but want to wear it with the white? You can!

For one week only, until May 11 (May 12th in the morning more likely), you can pick up the gowns for 50% off. They will normally be priced at $L299 (a bargain really), but you can grab them now for only $L150. There is also a “Bitchin’ Bundle” of all 4 colors boxed for $L450.


Closer look at the different options for white:

Snapshot_011jpgSnapshot_005 Snapshot_009JPG Snapshot_001_JPG


Blush HUD Options:

Snapshot_001 Snapshot_003 Snapshot_005 Snapshot_006


Champagne HUD Options:

Snapshot_001 Snapshot_002 Snapshot_003 Snapshot_004


Slate HUD Options:

Snapshot_001 Snapshot_002 Snapshot_003 Snapshot_004

You can find these on the new release table towards the back of the store (in the window).