Get me to the church on time…

Today is the day of my SL Wedding… AND it’s also been 3 years since jazzitude opened it’s doors in Stormwind! Thank you all for such an amazing time I’ve had with jazzitude… it really wouldn’t be possible without all your support!

Anyhow, to celebrate all of this, there is a hidden (not so well hidden mind you) wedding cake… with a previously unreleased gown. You must have your jazzitude group tag active (which is free to join). I don’t have a picture because well, no time and it’s a SURPRISE! 🙂

Also, while  you are in the store, I have two items for sale as part of the My 60L Secret Sale… these items are normally not available. His and Hers PJs… they are both transferable and in a gift box for easy gift giving. Only the top is mesh.. no appliers right now (this is an older item that was never released other than for a hunt).

Womens_Christmas PJ Set

Mens_Christmas PJ Set

Reminder: Since they are transferable, redelivery will NOT be available.


Fly Away

Hey everyone!

This coming weekend, I’m participating in My 60L Secret Sale… and thought I’d bring you some outfits to get you ready for autumn…

jazzitude_Elsa_Galaxy PIC

jazzitude_Marianne_ Maroon

Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams…

… and more actually! But part of the inspiration behind these new items is the Thirty Seconds To Mars Album “Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams”… well that, and also, a bit of  Frankie Goes To Hollywood from the 80s! LOL

Gimme Gimme Gacha opens officially on August 1st. I have 2 gacha machines there.

First one is a two-pack tank top set with a Texture HUD. You get a Solid with one word (like “Love” or “Lust”) and you get a coordinating stripe shirt on the texture HUD. There are 9 + 1 rare (for a total of 10 different sets):




The second Gacha is coordinating Yoga Pants… also with a 2-pack Texture HUD. They have a color stripe with color tie and are in Reverse Colors. 9 + 1 Rare:



Hanky Panky

New release is in the store now… Gina is a Topless (yes, I said topless!) sleeveless black cat suit with silver metal fixtures (including keys) and color panels inset.

You get a texture HUD to change the color parts. 8 choices in all.

You also get pasties (nipple covers) in system layer clothes as well as an Applier for the Lola Tango Mesh Breasts. The cat suit works well with or without the Tangos.

This cat suit requires the SLINK Avatar Enhancement Feet in “High”. It is rigged mesh and comes in 5 sizes. There is a free demo for you to try. If the top part of the alpha doesn’t work for you, I’ve included the full perm texture to make adjustments, but you can also try changing the gravity and cleavage of your breasts.

For one week only (through May 26) you can get this for 50% off regular price. Regular price will be $L199, but for one-week, you can get it for only $L100


Here are some more pictures of the color choices:

Gina B&W Snapshot_002 Snapshot_004 Snapshot_006 Snapshot_008 Snapshot_010 Snapshot_012 Snapshot_013

Also available are appliers for Slink Toenails and Fingernails to coordinate with the cat suit. 8 Colors each. You can also pick this up for one week at a 50% off introductory special. Normal price will be $L49, but sale price is only $L25


I think the cat suit would also work very well with a system layer bra or even a shirt (like the ones in the Jaden outfits) if you want to be a bit more covered.


My Funny Valentine

This weekend there will be 2 items on special for 60L!  For all the information visit here.

I have started to re-work the Siobhan outfits to include the appliers for the Lolas Tango Mesh breasts. The first try at this is the “So Hott” pink for the sale this weekend. Expect the rest soon.

Already own this but want the appliers? IM me! I’ll be happy to send it to you.


Since Valentines Day is next week, the Elsa Special Edition in Valentines will also be 60L only! This is a mesh top, so I don’t have any appliers, but you get a ton of goodies (jewelry and boots) included in this!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Only Love

February is here, and that means a new group gift and Valentines Day is coming up!

First up, group gift time.

“Love Knot” is a camisk with Shibari rope ties. If you’re not familiar with Gorean RP, a camisk is a very short, sexy chemise or lingerie. In this set, you get 3 options: 1) The camisk with the rope ties all together 2) the camisk alone and the rope ties alone. You also get a bonus tintable thong.

I’ve included for you Appliers for the Lola Tangos as well as Mani & Pedi appliers for SLINK hands and feet. This is my first SLINK appliers. The nail matches the heart design on the camisk and you get three different colored tips: Magenta, Red and Black.jazzitude_LoveKnot_HEARTS_PIC

Please note that I’ve boxed the appliers separately… so you can keep yourself organized (and I could keep myself from getting confused! LOL)

Also in the store, but only until February 14, you will find a few Valentines Day items out, including a limited-edition version of the very popular outfit “Elsa”:jazzitude_Elsa_Valentine

Planet Earth

Hi everyone!

This weekend, I will have 2 items up for sale on the My Secret 60L Special. Both are earth-toned outfits. They are not new, but two of my favorites…

Astrud comes with a mesh sweater, capri pants, ballet flats and all the accessories…

jazzitude_Astrud_EarthsLullaby PIC

Elsa also comes with a Mesh sweater, tintable undershirt, pants, boots and accessories… jazzitude_Elsa_Neutral PIC

You can get both of these this weekend for only 60L each! They are great wardrobe pieces too so you can mix and match with things you already have.