Get me to the church on time…

Today is the day of my SL Wedding… AND it’s also been 3 years since jazzitude opened it’s doors in Stormwind! Thank you all for such an amazing time I’ve had with jazzitude… it really wouldn’t be possible without all your support!

Anyhow, to celebrate all of this, there is a hidden (not so well hidden mind you) wedding cake… with a previously unreleased gown. You must have your jazzitude group tag active (which is free to join). I don’t have a picture because well, no time and it’s a SURPRISE! 🙂

Also, while  you are in the store, I have two items for sale as part of the My 60L Secret Sale… these items are normally not available. His and Hers PJs… they are both transferable and in a gift box for easy gift giving. Only the top is mesh.. no appliers right now (this is an older item that was never released other than for a hunt).

Womens_Christmas PJ Set

Mens_Christmas PJ Set

Reminder: Since they are transferable, redelivery will NOT be available.


Do my thing

Tomorrow, October 17, the Femdom Hunt 5 starts and jazzitude is proud to be participating this year. You are looking for a pink shoe. The hint for jazzitude is:

You may search high and low,
But searching near Gina is the way to go.

What are you going to get for a prize?

A couple of my friends were the inspiration and muses behind the idea of this outfit. I wanted an outfit that spoke of a woman’s confidence and strength without it being stereotypical… and it had to have a touch of jazzitude! Cassandra was created! I actually made this special edition color of slate blue before I released the one on a texture HUD that is for sale.

This color will only be available for the hunt. My friend Deja — a Duchess at The Velvet Thorn — modeled it with me 🙂


I’m the blonde and my skin/makeup is from Pink Fuel (Harley Fat Pack); hair is from +elua+; shoes from Whatever (for SLINK feet); lashes from Redgrave; eyes from Ikon.

We Are One

Thursday, June 12th, the World Cup starts in Brazil… to celebrate, I’ve created a His and Hers outfit to be released  on the very same day. It will be on sale for $L60 as part of My Secret $L60 Sale… but I will have it out first thing in the morning (before the official sale even starts). After Tuesday, June 17th, it will be at it’s regular price. But, no matter what, this outfit leaves the shelves when the World Cup ends… so get it now!




Special Pets…

This weekend is the My 60L Secret Sale again. I have created two Special Bundles this time. Each set is valued at $L237, but for this weekend, you can buy this special bundle of separates for only 60L… Thank you to my friend and customer, Whispa, for giving me the idea!

Bundle #1: Union Jack Mesh Mini Skirt paired with Katya Tanks 2-pack in UK (the shirt you see, plus a union jack print, and Lauren Shrug in White:


Bundle #2: Dalmation Mesh Denim Mini Skirt, Common Sense Tanks (the one you see and black stripe) and a shrug in black:Bundle2Pic

Don’t forget about Retail Therapy also opening tomorrow… you can get a few other things on sale plus the 2 exclusive items.

Only Love

February is here, and that means a new group gift and Valentines Day is coming up!

First up, group gift time.

“Love Knot” is a camisk with Shibari rope ties. If you’re not familiar with Gorean RP, a camisk is a very short, sexy chemise or lingerie. In this set, you get 3 options: 1) The camisk with the rope ties all together 2) the camisk alone and the rope ties alone. You also get a bonus tintable thong.

I’ve included for you Appliers for the Lola Tangos as well as Mani & Pedi appliers for SLINK hands and feet. This is my first SLINK appliers. The nail matches the heart design on the camisk and you get three different colored tips: Magenta, Red and Black.jazzitude_LoveKnot_HEARTS_PIC

Please note that I’ve boxed the appliers separately… so you can keep yourself organized (and I could keep myself from getting confused! LOL)

Also in the store, but only until February 14, you will find a few Valentines Day items out, including a limited-edition version of the very popular outfit “Elsa”:jazzitude_Elsa_Valentine

Chasing the sun

This weekend, I’m planning on participating in a new sales group… well, new to me, since I haven’t participated yet. It’s called “My 60L Secret”… the blog shows all the pictures of the items up for sale and it’s in categories. As if that wasn’t enough, stores that are only on the Marketplace can also participate… and everything is, as you guessed it, 60L! The information can be found here: My 60L Secret

For my first time participating and since it’s still summer, I am putting together a special combination for you. A bikini wardrobe and a sarong, together… in one package. Normally, these are priced at $L99 each ($L198 total value), but this weekend, you can get both for only $L60 total.

60L WeekendSpecial.

Sales run 12:01AM Friday – 11:59PM Monday… so this is just a sneak preview 🙂

Enjoy What You Do…

Happy Weekend!

This week has been a bit rough on me… and I know I can’t be the only one! What helped me get through a lot of it was designing for Second Life. Well, I was doing that in between the spring cleaning… did I mention that too? Spring Cleaning? Oh yah, spring cleaning in summer… fun. Oh, oh… and I broke my little toe from a book end falling on it, but that’s besides the point.

Anyhow…………….. it’s the weekend, and I wanted to make something comfy to wear! I had seen this funny T-shirt on Facebook and I decided to recreate it for Second Life — but with my own spin. I really liked how it turned out, so I decided, why not share with you? And while I’m at it, why not put it on a $L29 special? So, here you have it, my own $L29 weekend special for super comfy Mesh Long and Loose sweatshirt, (non-mesh) leggings and as a bonus, my zebra-print sneakers that have a color HUD for the shoe laces. It looked so cute with the outfit, I had to include that too!


This outfit is not normally available in the store… will it be in the future? Maybe. But, not at $L29 and not with the sneakers. Get it while you can. I think I’ll remove it from the store on Tuesday… make it a long weekend 🙂

While I was at it today, I also put out 4 Maya Add On Tops, Sunglasses and Hats. I also broke up the full outfit so you can just buy the skirt separate… it was causing some confusion (I really need to get out of my own head sometime).





The Skirt. Remember, you only need to buy this once (or if you already have it, you’re all set for any color of the rainbow you want):Maya_Skirt

This song kept coming up on random on my stream today (I’ve been streaming to myself and the store again today), and it’s such a cheesey 80s song, I had to share!

Enjoy what you do… enjoy what you do…

pssst… and yes, for those of you who are too young to remember, that’s George Michael.