Fire and Ice

Retail Therapy opens today and I have 4 brand new items for you… at 50% off!

For the month of December, you can only get these items at the Retail Therapy location… (SLURL: )which is a new build and has lots of room for more designers and more sales! Yay! You need to go check it out.

Anyhow, for me, the gown I have there for you is called “Krystal”. I made it with the whole winter Sparkle, Shine, Dance, and Twirl season (aka, holidays and New Years Eve… even Valentines Day) coming up.

There are 4 color choices: Blue, Champagne, Pink, and Teal… it’s a long gown with the jewel middle piece for your chest and a beautiful snow flake layered cape. The cape reminds me of a Fairy Tale! It is a statement piece and makes it quite dramatic, so you can wear it with or without the cape.





Find this sign in front of jazzitude flagship store to grab a landmark to the event:RetailTherapyAd_NOLMTEXT

And a look at the booth at the retail therapy location:Snapshot_024


Absolutely Fabulous…


Today, Retail Therapy is officially open! I have 4 brand new and exclusive during the event items available for you. All 4 are marked 50% off regular retail price and only available at Retail Therapy for September. You can’t get it at the Flagship Store (and you can’t use your store credit… sorry). Price is $L125 during the event.

Tara comes with a (layer clothing) body suit, rigged mesh pencil skirt, mesh ruffle shrug and peep-toe pumps for the SLINK “high” feet.

As a bonus, I’ve included appliers for dot manicure and pedicure, and body suit appliers for Lola Tangos, Phat/Cute Azz and SLINK Physique mesh body.

However, please note that the skirt does not fit with the Phat Azz and may not fit with your Physique since it’s higher in the front than the back and is not fit mesh.

Four choices in all:






Can I stay with you a while

Hey Everyone!

Retail Therapy! for August opens today and I have 4 brand new releases for the event!

Tammie is a Short Baby Doll Dress and it comes with Shorty Shorts. Each Set comes with a Texture HUD that has 4 dress textures and 4 shorts textures plus a bonus black latex shorts.

During the month of August, you can ONLY get it at Retail Therapy, and you can get it for only $L100.

Retail Therapy August 2014 Event Poster

The four sets are (from left to right in the above photo):

1) Country Floral (all-over floral with solid color shorts):




2) Black Eyelet & Polka Dots (Eyelet on the bottom/Dots on the top with polka dot shorts):


3) Plumeria Floral (all-over tropical floral with solid shorts):


4) Black Eyelet & Floral (Eyelet on the bottom/Floral on the top with floral shorts)


While I paired this with short shorts, I think this could be used in the fall and winter with leggings and boots and look super cute too!

This will be in the stores after August, but at it’s regular retail price of $L199, so grab it now for only $L100 at Retail Therapy! You can find lots of great shopping from other stores as well.



No Strings

Hey Everybody!

Retail Therapy! is about to start on July 5th (and runs through the end of the month). I have 4 popular items out there for 50% off. You’ll find a sign over the item in the flagship store (in case you forget) that will give you a LM to the event… I really hate seeing anyone miss out on a sale!

Just like last month, there are TONS of fabulous stores there with sales galore… you REALLY don’t want to miss it 🙂

Here are the 4 items you can grab from Jazzitude for 50% off retail prices… only at Retail Therapy…





I dare you…

Hey Everyone!

New release in the store today. For one week only, it’s 50% off… so you can pick this up for only $L100. It’s the Nina Zipper Tube Top with Armwarmers in “Travel” … international inspired prints just in time for World Cup.

The texture HUD gives you 4 tops and 4 arm warmers. The four prints are: UK Flag (Grunge style), US Flag/New York, Paris and a general travel doodle print with a scooter:


If you missed out on the May group gift of Nina in Neko, you can get it also for $L100 for this week only.

I’ve been trying slowly to rework some of my older outfits to include Lola Appliers… however, I’m also taking requests! If you want something (non mesh) with a Lola Applier, just let me know.

Here is one of the reworks… Jaden. I actually love this top with the Lola Tango. You can get the Black and the Chocolate at Retail Therapy this month for 50% off too!






New group gifts are out in the store now for June…

Yes plural… again. This time, there’s one for jazzitude and one for TeleportHub

Jazzitude Group Gift (must have jazzitude’s group tag active and in the flagship store to receive this):


TeleportHub’s Group Gift (you must have their group tag active and in the flagship store to receive this one):



On June 6th, I’m taking part in a brand new monthly sales event called Retail Therapy!. Everything I have there is 50% off regular retail prices (only at their location). There is also 2 exclusive items you can pick up for 50% off as well. They will be in the store in July, but if you like it, head over to Retail Therapy and get it for 50% off until the end of June.

Penelope is a ruffle blouse and skirt. It comes on a Texture HUD controlled separately for top and bottom. The HUDs are interchangeable so you can mix and match.


jazzitude Penelope Gingham_PIC