Get me to the church on time…

Today is the day of my SL Wedding… AND it’s also been 3 years since jazzitude opened it’s doors in Stormwind! Thank you all for such an amazing time I’ve had with jazzitude… it really wouldn’t be possible without all your support!

Anyhow, to celebrate all of this, there is a hidden (not so well hidden mind you) wedding cake… with a previously unreleased gown. You must have your jazzitude group tag active (which is free to join). I don’t have a picture because well, no time and it’s a SURPRISE! 🙂

Also, while  you are in the store, I have two items for sale as part of the My 60L Secret Sale… these items are normally not available. His and Hers PJs… they are both transferable and in a gift box for easy gift giving. Only the top is mesh.. no appliers right now (this is an older item that was never released other than for a hunt).

Womens_Christmas PJ Set

Mens_Christmas PJ Set

Reminder: Since they are transferable, redelivery will NOT be available.


We Are One

Thursday, June 12th, the World Cup starts in Brazil… to celebrate, I’ve created a His and Hers outfit to be released  on the very same day. It will be on sale for $L60 as part of My Secret $L60 Sale… but I will have it out first thing in the morning (before the official sale even starts). After Tuesday, June 17th, it will be at it’s regular price. But, no matter what, this outfit leaves the shelves when the World Cup ends… so get it now!