About Me: Jazzmine.


This is the blog for “Jazzitude” a shop in Second Life and for me, Yazmine Tsarchon (aka, Jazzmine), a character in Second Life. I am the designer and owner of Jazzitude and paired with some very creative people that help me with ideas and are my muses, I make clothes that I want to wear; and I hope you all enjoy them too! I’m also a DJ in Second Life, and I often stream my own radio station at the shop, but there is always some radio station playing so feel free to hang out and dance even… I do often when I’m working!

In the real world (aka, first life), I’m a graphic, production, layout and PowerPoint designer with many years of experience. I enjoy my work still and have since I started it in the very early days of computer graphics and presentation/PowerPoint design (before PowerPoint, I worked in a little program called Pixie… if you can remember that, you know what I’m talking about! LOL). Given this, Second Life has been really fantastic for me… it allows my creative side go wild and be like a kid! Let me put it to you like this: Second Life KICKS Barbie’s ass… believe me! 🙂

Jazzitude refers to my state of mind…. which can be chaotic at times! My attitude is where the name jazzitude originates! I am who I am, no exceptions, no apologies. Simply, inexplicably me. Objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear and your mileage may vary 🙂

When it comes to fashion, I love all sorts of styles and looks. I hate the idea of being “labeled” as one thing or another. I will go from a very punk look, to a girly look; sometimes all at once. I just want to be me, and who “me” is depends on the day or my mood and interests at the time.

I want to help women realize, even in a small way, that they don’t have to be labeled. They should enjoy exploring who they are… find out any and all interests, never stop learning or growing. Clothes, and even pixel ones, are wonderful mediums to discover who you are and a fun way to express yourself!

You are unique. You are beautiful. You are fabulous. You are you — and there is no one else like you!




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